This institution seeks to espouse the ideas of Prof. Dr. Ahmad Syafii Maarif, a figure who has made significant and ongoing contributions to political and humanitarian thought in Indonesia. The reputation of Buya Syafii, as he is often referred to, is not only recognized at a national level, but internationally. He served as the chairman of Muhummadiyah and the President of the World Conference on Religion and Peace (WCRC). At an international level, he has received an award for Peace and International Understanding by Ramon Magsaysay, a prestigious award that is revered within Asias equivalent to the Nobel Peace Prize. Within the field of Islamic Studies, Buya offers a moderate and progressive Islamic interpretation that emphasizes inclusiveness and humanitarianism. It is through this lens that he is respected as a nation builder and teacher.

This institution was established as a tribute to the ideas and philosophies of Buya, so that his reputation will continue to inspire generations to come. The work of this institution is expected to support andadvance Post Graduate faculties at University Muhummadiyah Yogyakarta, especially in the field of politics.